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To display there is ‘what meets the eye‘ and then there is ‘what lies BEYOND!‘ And that is what gets the onlooker’s mind ticking, therefore we’ve nurtured Beyond. Beyond is a concept gallery equipped with 1500 sq. ft. of premium display space. Getting work in the spotlight is just another day at the office for us, only we take a day at the office very seriously.

Any creation is art and art needs to be understood before it is presented. We get an idea up there and going, we provide it a stance. Lifestyle products, furniture, apparel, accessories, jewellery, ceramics, art objects…name it, we’ll unveil it. The soul of Beyond lies in its idyllic lighting and contemporary ambience. We’ve created a simplistic yet futuristic environment where one would love to splurge one’s time. The gallery’s swanky interiors enhance any spectacle or product making one’s visit to the gallery an experience. We assist clients with extra creative requirements and offer modular display, exclusive racks and a la mode hangers all built-into a centrally air-conditioned space tucked away in a snug yet posh area of the main city.

We now offer you our online gallery www.beyondgallery.com -A virtual space for the world to see your creativity.

So whether you are a shopper, window shopper, virtual shopper, blogger, stylist or designer drop by when you have the time to explore and discover the “Beyond

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